Donor Directed Giving

Through the Foundation’s Donor Directed Giving service our patrons have directed over $2 million to many projects of the Shambhala community and other non-profit causes aligned with our mission.

If you plan to give away $1,000 or more this year, please consider making your gifts through the Foundation.

Learn more about Donor Directed Giving »

Shambhala Community

The majority of funds given through our donor directed giving program have been granted to support the centers and projects of the Shambhala community. These grants have helped construct facilities, develop programming and increase Shambhala’s capacity to fulfill its vision for creating enlightened society. Learn more »

Beyond Shambhala

A fantastic number of non-profit organizations are working to help create positive change in the world through investments in arts and culture, science, education, health, environment, and social justice. The foundation’s patrons direct a significant amount of their generosity to these organizations that are aligned with the vision of Shambhala. Learn More »

Preserving Tibetan Culture

Conceived and born from the spiritual traditions of Tibet, the tradition of Shambhala and the Sakyong lineage have a special connection to the Tibetan people and culture. Learn more »