Boulder Shambhala Center

The First Shambhala Center Endowment

On Shambhala Day 2010, Ulrike Halpern, Boulder Shambhala Center Director, and Jeff Waltcher, Executive Director of The Sakyong Foundation, took a pioneering first step by signing an endowment agreement funded with an initial investment of $60,000. This was the first endowment ever created for the benefit of a Shambhala Center; contributions from 130 people in the Boulder community made it possible.

Inspired by a $60,000 bequest in the Fall of 2009, Ulrike approached the Foundation to advise her on starting an endowment for the Boulder Shambhala Center. Ulrike was familiar with endowments, as the Dorje Kasung organization had initiated one with the Foundation in 2008, and was confident that the Boulder community would support a move towards planning for the future. With The Sakyong Foundation’s support, a campaign was launched, using the $60,000 bequest as half of a total campaign goal of $120,000.

As the campaign gained momentum, (by leaps and bounds with an anonymous $25,000 designated gift to the endowment), Ulrike and a number of BSC advisors met with the Foundation staff and our investment manager to vet their questions and concerns about creating an endowment. Answering these questions resulted in a template that will serve well as other Shambhala organizations initiate endowment campaigns.

As of summer 2017 the endowment has grown to over $200,000. We are envisioning a time in the future when the fund has grown to $1 million dollars, and the yearly investment income meaningfully increases the services the Center can offer to its members and the larger Boulder community.

Please consider making a gift to the Endowment.