The Time Capsule Project

In 1975 Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche requested that a high tech time capsule be constructed to house his teaching legacy. Since his passing, that legacy has become recognized internationally as one of the most significant contributions to the continuity of the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual tradition into the 21st century.

The sole intent of this capsule is to bring the benefit of this legacy to people of future generations. Trungpa Rinpoche asked that the time capsule be built to 5,000-year specifications to insure its protection from the ravages of time, noting that it could be discovered as soon as 500 years from now.

The director of this project was fortunate to connect with many experts in relevant technologies, and one group in particular helped to bring this project to fruition.  Through over a decade of research and development, they came up with an unequalled design.

The capsule contains over one hundred, four by four inch square white ceramic almost indestructible tablets. Both sides of each tablet are inscribed with sixty-three pages of the teachings. Each page is in black letters against the white tablet background. Quartz magnifiers are included so that the thousands of pages of reduced text can be read with relative ease. The tablets are installed within a cylindrical stainless steel vessel with an outer dimension of approximately one by three feet.

The Time Capsule was completed in 2013 and the project was a complete success.