About Donor Directed Giving

The Foundation facilitates our donor’s charitable giving through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) program. If you plan to give away $1,000 or more this year, we can create a DAF in your name, and distribute gifts and fulfill pledges to non-profit organizations according to your recommendations.

Sample Fund – created with gifts totaling $2,500**
Shambhala Core Services $ 450
Your Shambhala Center 600
Shambhala Retreat Center 350
Konchok Foundation 300
The Climate Reality Project 300
National Endowment for the Arts 300
Children’s Hunger Fund 200
$ 2,500
**distributions of your gift can be made over a multi-year period

Benefits of DAF’s:

Simplicity: You make out one check – or several throughout the year, receive one annual tax receipt, and relate directly with one non-profit, while your gifts can be made to several. (We also accept stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other assets.)

Recognition: Distributions can be made in your name, or you can remain anonymous.

Tax Benefits: You get the benefit of a tax deduction for the full amount of your annual gifts, while being able to delay the allocation to future years.

Shambhala Vision: By facilitating your giving, the Foundation gathers and reflects the generosity of the Shambhala community to the world.

Tax-free growth: If you plan to have the Foundation make distributions over two or more years, your DAF can be invested and will grow tax free which means more dollars for charitable purposes ($10,000 or greater).

Donor Advocacy:  We are donor advocates – collaborating with you to match your inspiration with a project or organization, providing information, and addressing your questions or concerns. We understand the importance of ensuring that your charitable gifts benefit the organizations you are most passionate about, and that your gifts are used as you intend.

Magnetize Generosity: The Sakyong Foundation brings people and projects together by publicizing the things that you support; the stories of the causes you give to will encourage greater giving by others.

Supporting The Sakyong Foundation: A one to two percent administrative fee (depending on the size of the fund) is charged to your DAF service to help cover the Foundation’s expenses.

We hope you will consider facilitating your giving through the The Sakyong Foundation. Please contact us to discuss how a Donor Advised Fund could work for you.

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